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Setup your team

Building your team and organization hierarchy is extremely simple. Once setup, you can easily manage One On Ones and 360 degree feedback.

Manage Competencies

FeedbackSocially is completely customizable and you can define competencies to evaluate based on the types of roles within your organization.

360 degree feedback

You can initiate feedback of your team member by selecting the competencies to evaluate and a peer group. It even has an option for peers to give feedback anonymously.

Meaningful reports

The reports give insights of scores across various competencies. It neatly organizes the strengths and improvement areas.

Create & Manage OKRs

Define OKRs based on your organization's focus area and individual aspirations. See your team's goals in single goal timeline view.

Manage One On One

You get to know the pulse of your team by having your team members share what's going great, things that could be going better and suggested areas of improvement.

And these features will enhance
the employee and company performance

  • Increase employee empowerment

    Give your team members a platform to share their views about the company, process, people or anything of importance to them.

  • Reduce Attrition

    Increase employee's alignment with SMART Goals, One On One coaching and timely feedback.

  • Enhance employee performance

    Give your team members frequent and actionable feedback on their performance.

  • Focus on learning and development

    Set clear goals for your employees based on the One On One feedback, peer reviews and OKRs.

Frequently asked questions

If you still have some question then read FAQs below

When am I billed for my service?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). However, at this time we cannot accept Paypal payments, bank transfers or checks.


Is there any setup charge?

There is no setup charge or really any additional charge besides your one-time annual subscription payment after the trial period expires.


Do I need to install anything?

FeedbackSocially runs in modern web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari.


What’s included in the free trial?

Free trial gives you access to all the features and benefits of FeedbackSocailly.


How can I cancel my subscription post trial period?

Payments are made in advance for a month or a year. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription will last until the end of your current billing cycle. There are no refunds for already paid invoices.

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