Amplify Employee Engagement

FeedbackSocially facilitates SMART goal setting, peer reviews, employee progress conversations and peer recognition to create an employee first organization


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Increase Employee Alignment with SMART Goals

Define OKRs based on your organization's focus areas and individual aspirations. See your team's goals in single goal timeline view.

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Enhance Employee Development

Develop strengths and remove blind spots with regular peer reviews. Reinforce core values by evaluating against organization specific competencies.

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FeedbackSocially has been a major revelation for our organization. I’m actually able to get real data and feedback on how our employees are living up to our company's core values. The tool has helped us get to know our co-workers better, and it has shown a light on the areas where everyone needs to step up their game. I highly recommend this tool.
Jared Reitzin
CEO, mobileStorm Inc.
I was amazed at how easy FeedbackSocially is to use—it's so intuitive and beautiful to look at, too. I've yet to see a better way of turning flat comps into working prototypes with such ease, grace, and beauty.
Aditya M. Gokarn
Managing Director, Triton Valves Ltd.

Empower Employees and Reduce Attrition

Increase employee connectedness by scheduling and managing One On Ones. Get to hear views about their progress, company, process, people or anything of importance to them.

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Increase Employee Happiness with Social Recognition

Enable team members to acknowledge exceptional work, big and small wins, customer centricity and any other example of 'living the core values' across the organization.

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